6 Free Resources for Web Entrepreneurs

As a web entrepreneur, you must take advantage of any free tools and resources you can find. Luckily, the web is packed full of such resources. However, it is important to know which resources you can trust, and which ones are useful.

Luckily, we are here to help! We have scoured the web to find six of the best free resources you can find. We have chosen a variety of free resources ranging from communication software and logo design, to branding tools and workflow organisation – enjoy!


Effective communication is vital for a successful web business. A great programme you can use for communication is Skype. Microsoft Skype is free to use and you can use it for instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls.

It has great support and it is available for both desktop devices, mobile phones, and tablets. If you want to communicate effectively, this is a vital free tool to use.

2.Logo Creator

Logo Creator is a simple but effective web application. You can use it for free to create professional logos that you can easily incorporate into your website and social media content. It has a user-friendly interface and also utilizes a host of templates for logos if you are struggling for inspiration.

Also, if you have pre-existing images, you can import them into Logo Creator and incorporate them into your designs.


Canva is a multi-faceted graphic design platform. It can be used to create social media content such as Facebook cover photos, YouTube thumbnails, and Instagram story posts. This platform is free to use, and it has a huge array of templates that you can use to easily create professional social media content.

It also has a branding section that you can use to create consistent company branding. For example, you can upload a logo, choose color schemes, and even choose branded fonts.


Workflow management is important for any web business. Trello is a superb free resource that you can use to manage your daily tasks. It is a workflow management tool that works on the principle of boards. You can create different boards for days of the week, for example.

Also, you can create individual tasks and assign them to different members who you can invite to the board. Using Trello can greatly improve your productivity, and it is free to use!

5.Google Drive

Google has a whole set of useful tools that are free to use. All you need to do to use them is to create a Google account. Web apps like Google Drive, Google, Docs, and Google Sheets are incredibly useful for web entrepreneurs.

For example, Google Drive is a storage system that you can use to store and share important files with your business and others. Alternatively, Google Docs is a web app similar to Microsoft Word that you can use to create text documents.


Finally, we have DeadLinkChecker. As the name suggests, this is a free tool that checks your website for broken links and content. This is a simple tool to use, and you can check your website within minutes.

It is important to do this on a regular basis to ensure that your customers are not wasting time trying to navigate to dead web pages or images.

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