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We provide an unrivalled full scale SEO management service custom built to ensure your business stands out online.

The Standout SEO Framework

How to Create a Six Figure Business!

Our Standout Monthly SEO Management Service Includes

Full Standout Monthly SEO Framework

See our full tried and tested strategy plan to ensure online SEO dominance for your business

Monthly SEO Process Overview

Each Month We Work On Specific Tasks To Build Online Growth and Visibility For Your Business.

Our Service Is Comprehensive And Moves From Technical SEO To On-Page SEO To Off-Page SEO.


Audit and Strategy

We thoroughly analyse and audit the competitions keywords, links, content and site architecture to reverse engineer a custom built winning strategy for your business.


Month 1-2

On Page and Technical SEO

Our team begins by bringing your website in line with the top ranking sites in your sector by using best practice on-page SEO techniques.

Month 1-2

Month 2-6

Content Strategy And Off Page Promotion

Monthly Blog posting and internal linking continues to build your websites brand authority and topical relevance.

Link placement and a targeted outreach strategy builds your site a backlink graph to rival the top ranking sites

Month 2-6

Month 6 onwards

Maintain New Gains and Target New Keywords

We put in place strategies to maintain the gains already won so we can target new opportunities to grow your business further.

We continue to build you keyword market share and organic traffic by targeting new keyword sets. 

Month 6 onwards

Grow Your Business With Monthly SEO

Maintain SEO

Ideal for established businesses looking to maintain their position.

£894 p/m

Digital Brand Building
On Page Optimisation
Off Page Optimisation
5 Authority Link Placements p/m
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Professional SEO

Great when you want sustained progress against mid level competition.

£1194 p/m

Digital Brand Building
On Page Optimisation
Off Page Optimisation
10 Authority Link Placements p/m
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Standout SEO

When you need fast results or to take out strong competition!

£1394 p/m

Digital Brand Building
On Page Optimisation
Off Page Optimisation
15 Authority Link Placements p/m
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SEO Managment FAQs

Every month we work on specific tasks that will build online growth and visibility for your business.

We deliver a full range SEO service which moves from technical SEO to on-page SEO to off-page SEO.

We provide you with the full framework of tasks we will complete and the order they will be completed in.

We also provide unparalleled reporting with a fully configured Google Data Studio, keyword tracking and monthly PDF reports.

Absolutely not.  Work is completed on a month to month basis.  We operate a monthly subscription payment model which you are free to cancel at any time.

Nothing will happen to any existing search engine optimisation tasks that have already been completed.

The links, social accounts, citations, created content all belong to you after they are paid for.

If you cancel we will complete any existing tasks that you may have outstanding for the month and close your subscription.

Many of our clients report seeing gains within only a few weeks of  starting, however there is no way to pinpoint an exact date.

Because these are some of the best SEO methods available, the results always outperform anything you would get from lesser quality providers.

Results are always going to be dependant on many factors, including the condition and health of your website and backlink profile as well as the general competitiveness of your sector and search terms.

You can get a copy of our full framework here:

We are not an agency that likes to pretend SEO is some sort of mystical  secret art.

If you hire Standout Web Services to handle your SEO it’s not because you don’t know exactly what we do to dominate the search rankings.

Its because the cost to hire and properly train people to do it at scale will take more time and money than to outsource the tasks to someone who already has a premium level scalable process at an affordable cost.

In our experience those who hide their “secret” methods when trying to sell you something, probably don’t have much to sell…...

There is no specific turnaround time. The  progress chart shows the work that we will perform and the order that we will complete it in.

We will work through each task listed for the month – barring any delays due to account access issues or 3rd party platform issues that we can not be responsible for – otherwise, the stated tasks will be delivered promptly.

There is no refund for this service after work is performed, otherwise, you can contact us anytime for a full refund on any tasks not started.

You can request a free consultation by emailing your details to or using the contact form on our website.

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