Google My Business Ranking and Local Map Pack Ranking

How to dominate the Local Competition

Google My Business is Key For Local SEO

Google My Business (GMB) is your new home page. It’s vital for local search. Your GMB profile is how most potential customers will discover and evaluate you online. If you don’t have a well optimised Google My Business listing it’s impossible to succeed in local search.

GMB and Local Maps Optimisation

Our strategic approach is specifically engineered to produce  GMB and Local Maps results.

We use a variety of methods designed to increase a business’s local online presence by improving the brand’s relevance and prominence. 

We create powerful signals that create trust and authority for your brand which means your business ranks higher, both in the 3 pack and organically.

78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase

46% of all Google searches are looking for local information.


Precision engineered Local Search Optimisation Strategy

Clear, effective and Open Methods

If you are going to spend money with Standout Web Services it’s not because you don’t know exactly what we do to dominate the search rankings.
Its because the cost to hire and properly train people to do it at scale will take more time and money than to outsource the tasks to someone who already has a premium level scalable process at an affordable cost.
In our experience those  who hide their “secret” methods when trying  to sell you something, probably don’t have much to sell…’

Light GMB Setup

Best-practice GMB listing optimisation

£ 335
  • GMB Audit
  • GMB Optimisation
  • 10 GMB Services
  • 10 GMB Q&As and Reviews
  • 20 GMB Photos
  • GMB Site Content
  • GMB Site Optimisation
Local SEO audit, GMB set-up and listing optimisations

GMB Management

Focused Map pack Ranking Strategy

£ 895
  • Local Visibility Reporting
  • GMB Posts
  • GMB Photos
  • On Page SEO
  • Advanced Entity Creation
  • Local Link Building
  • GMB Optimisation
Every month our expert team work on building your local presence following our Local GMB ranking framework.

Accelerated GMB Set Up Options

Take out our accelerated packages and our team goes into overdrive to  complete the core tasks in our local GMB and Map Pack Ranking service in 30-90 days.

These accelerated packages are specially engineered  to produce the fastest possible  local map ranking results.

Great for when you need your business to rank quickly or are up against tough competition. 

Professional GMB Set-Up

First TWO Months of Local SEO Expedited in 30 days

£ 1295
  • Local SEO Audit
  • GMB Listing Optimisation
  • 10 GMB Services
  • 10 GMB Q&As and Reviews
  • 20 GMB Photos
  • Image Optimisation and Geo Tagging
  • Custom Manual Local Signals
  • 15 Social Essentials Accounts
  • 25+ Social Fortress Accounts
  • 65 High-Visibility Essential Citations
  • 50 Secondary Citations
  • Premium Local Press Release
  • Data Aggregators
  • Basic Map Stack
  • 10 GMB Posts
  • Advanced Third Party Verifications
The Professional GMB Accelerated Set-up consists of the foundational tasks needed to establish an online business
Low Competition

Business GMB

First FOUR Months of Local SEO Expedited in 40-90days

£ 2100
  • All Professional Tasks, Plus
  • Social Power Up
  • 50 Secondary Citations
  • Bing Places Claim/Optimise
  • Waze Business Submission
  • Alignable Business Submission
  • Monster Claim/Optimise
  • Eventbrite Profile/Event Link
  • Ultimate Map Stack
  • 2nd Premium Local Press Release
  • 40+ Local Brand Links
  • Google Authority Stack Cloud Links
The Business GMB Accelerated Set-up includes more local signals and brand docs designed to increase prominence
Medium Competition

Standout GMB

First SIX Months of Local SEO Expedited in 60-90 days

£ 2800
  • All Professional & Business Tasks, Plus
  • 40+ Social Ultimate Accounts
  • 50+ Secondary Citations
  • 40+ Local Brand Links
  • Yelp Claim/Optimise
  • Crunchbase Claim/Optimise
  • Citation Power Up
  • Niche Network
  • Geo Network
  • 15+ Local Geo Articles
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Local Business Schema
  • 20 Private Network Links
  • YouTube Local Optimisation
The Standout GMB Accelerated Set-up includes more brand signals, geo-relevant content, website on-page optimisation and authority stacking to get better maps rankings in 90 days
High Competition


GMB Ranking Services

Yes we  track up to 25 local keyword variations that pull a map result.  You can submit 5 main target keywords per campaign and we use variations of those. We actively monitor and measure performance KPIs to share with you throughout the campaign. 

We require access to your GMB account to complete our work. The simplest way of granting this is to make us a manager of the page. To do this, log in to your account and access the Google My Business page. Select the three dash menu icon in the upper left corner and select Users. Select the Plus icon and add the branded email address provided to you by our team after you submit your info, then select the plus again.  Additionally, please make sure that your two-step verification is turned off, as we cannot start an order with this in place. 

NAP consisitency is critical to local rankings. If your  NAP details change during the course of the campaign there will be an additional fee required to change or update any work already completed.

No, we are not able to do this for you. Our Local SEO services require a verified GMB listing before we can start any local SEO work.

Basic Local Set-Up gets the top 15 branded social accounts, the top 42 national business listings, and 50 secondary citations.

Standard Local Set-Up gets 4 data aggregator submissions (USA) or 1 Canadian submission, the top 40 branded social accounts, 40 secondary branded accounts, the top 42 national business listings, 6 GPS listings, 50 secondary citations, and Apple & Bing manual citation creation. 

Advanced Local Set-Up get 4 USA data aggregator  or 1 Canadian submission, the top 40 branded social accounts, 80 secondary branded accounts, 10 niche network links , 15 geo-network links, the top 42 national business listings, 6 GPS listings, 200 secondary citations,  and local on-page optimisation. 

Recovery info is security measure put in place by Google. This allows you to provide a backup email and phone number which you can use if you gets locked out of your account. As much of the work will be carried out by our team, who will not be in the same location or using the same device as you google will enact this measure.

When you submit your order provide us with a list of any accounts you already have. We aim to avoid building duplicates so we ask that you please try to be as precise with this information as possible. If you do not have a list of existing citations or accounts we will try our best to search for existing accounts before we build but we cannot guarantee we will find them all.

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