How Can Google Ads Help My Business?

When it comes to powerful search engines there is no mistake Google is at the top of its class.

In fact, the majority of web development and digital marketing strategies are developed with Google algorithms in mind. Google is a complex platform and often its purpose and advantages can be confusing to many business owners.

Google has various roles in the online marketing arena, one of its most prominent roles is that of a search engine offering users high-quality results to their queries through organic searches.

However, Google also offers businesses a Pay per Click service called Google Ads to bring traffic to your site through targeted ad campaigns. While both of these roles appear to be similar they are actually completely separate entities that provide different opportunities for advertisers.

What is Google Ads?

Pay per click advertisement is the role of the Google Ads platform.

Google Ads provides businesses the opportunity to invest their advertising money and bid for placement against competitors on campaigns that focus on aspects such as keywords, location, and audience to raise awareness of their brand and traffic to their website.

Often, businesses will confuse Google Ads with organic Google search results. Ranking highly in Google search rankings is a free but often time-consuming and complex process. Google Ads, however, is an advertising service that offers immediate results by allowing advertisers to appear on relevant inquiries within minutes of submitting your ad to the platform.

Google Ads allows businesses to bid on certain keywords in exchange for impressions in premium locations on search result pages related to those keywords.

In addition to allowing businesses to target keywords, Google Ad’s advanced targeting capabilities gives marketers the power to maximize the advertising budget by focusing on specific locations in combination with key search phrases.

Is Pay Per Click Advertising Right for My Business?

Many small business owners feel that Google Ads is expensive or too complicated for their business needs. The reality is that digital marketing with Google Ads is beneficial for businesses in all industries and all sizes.

In fact, small businesses have the most to gain from pay per click marketing by allowing the business to maintain more control of their advertising budget with immediate results.

What Are The Benefits of PPC Advertising?

Google Ads allows you the ability to set your monthly advertising budget and will provide recommendations as to the ideal budget for your keywords and location.

In addition to control of your advertising budget, Google Ads will allow your marketing team to find the best search phrases for your industry and analyse their success and conversion rates throughout the duration of the campaign.

This gives your team the ability to adapt and update the campaign as needed to ensure you are seeing results that positively impact your business and raise revenues.

Pay per Click Advertising on a platform such as Google provides a number of benefits including:

  • The ability to appear almost immediately in relevant searches

  • Control over your digital advertising budget

  • Power to track campaign success and adapt when necessary

  • Gain an advantage against competitors in your arena

  • Raise awareness and revenues for your brand

Our Team Can Help You Develop an Effective & Successful Google Ads Strategy

At Standout Web Services we are a team of experienced and knowledgeable digital marketers that can understand the intricacies and complexities of Google Ads.

Our team of PPC professionals will work alongside you to develop a successful digital marketing campaign for your specific industry and needs using this powerful and effective resource.

Contact us for a free PPC audit by our team of Google Ads experts certified as Google Premier Partners.

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